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Old World Tudor and Elizabethan

Old World decor includes Tudor and Elizabethan styles. Dark, paneled walls and chunky, dark furniture with carved details prevail. The Tudor style is more rustic. Beamed ceilings are common, especially in kitchens, and antiqued walls contribute to the timeworn quality. More tips: http://justdiydecor.com

Elizabethan Old World style is more formal than rustic, featuring dark wainscoting, carved relief-work, straight-back chairs, scrolled details and fabrics that are heavy and intricate. The palette is typically dark, ranging from deep reds and olives to a range of subdued neutrals.

Design Components

•    Beamed kitchen ceilings
•    Walls with dark wainscoting
•    Tall, bulky, straight-back chairs
•    Long, dark trestle tables
•    A palette of dark jewel tones and neutrals
•    Intricate fabrics, like damask

French Country

In contrast with darker Old World styles, French Country style is light and airy. Furniture echoes traditional court designs, but the detailing is simpler and informal, with light, painted and distressed furniture finishes conveying a sense of age.
Textured walls and exposed ceiling beams contribute to the farmhouse feel, as do light colors, such as ivory, yellow and blue. Playful patterns adorn chairs and window treatments; gingham and toile patterns add to the range of fresh accents.

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Design Components

•    Beamed ceilings
•    Distressed, light furniture
•    Textured, antiqued walls
•    Whimsical accents
•    Creams, blues, yellows and pastels
•    Bright, cheerful fabrics


The Tuscan style is rustic, featuring weathered and distressed furniture finishes and the exposed beams of provincial farmhouses.Walls with textured treatments in rustic stucco or Venetian plaster display a range of earthen hues — from natural umbers and ochres to warm siennas.
Fixtures are often bronze with aged patinas. Flooring in distressed wood or slate coordinates. Natural hues, such as sage and russet, brighten the neutral Tuscan palette, but fabrics are plain or feature simple motifs that accord with the casual look.

Design components

•    Ceiling beams
•    Distressed furniture
•    Textured and antiqued walls
•    Fixtures in simple, aged bronze
•    Palette of ochres and sienna
•    Simple fabrics

Article: ehow.com/about_6774299_old-country_-tuscan-home-decor.html

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There are several do-it-from-home direct sales companies that focus on decorating and design. Starting with one of these companies can be a good way for beginners to break into the decor sales business.

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Below are a sampling of companies that offer home decor independent sales. There are also many direct-sale business opportunities that offer more specific items for the home, such as candles, baskets, knives and cookware. And don’t forget about home service business opportunities, such as faux finishing, decorating, painting, cleaning or home staging.

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